Pimp My Guestroom

Tyoma illustrates his fascination with the number six. Hopefully, I won’t find a matching birthmark anywhere…

Anyway, I think his love for six  has something to do with his favorite letter X.  He likes the idea that six has an X in it.  I wonder if he is beginning to read? He can point out individual words like six, exit, Lorax, etc. Hmmm. Regardless, he has his stories memorized.  If I skip a sentence in a favorite book, he squirms.  Heck, if I say the words out or order or make up my own story, he squirms. What a memory!
Oh No! He’s using his piercing “Damien” gaze to get me to read Horton Hears A Who for the third time today!

I should mention that for Tyoma’s second birthday, Grandma and Grandpa redecorated the guestroom/play room (from New Mexico, even!). Tyoma now has a brand new desk and organizer to keep his 10,000 toys in order. I handmade picture frames for the Klee posters we had hanging about and removed the closet doors for more play area. Yay! Thanks guys!

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