Help in the Kitchen

Hmmmmm… How do most kids “help” in the kitchen? Do they “cook” on the floor? Clang pots and pans together? Improvise a drum set with a mixing bowl and spoon? Not this little guy! He thoughtfully arranges a cabinet of pans into orderly semi-circles and then replaces everything (in order!) and closes the cabinet door. “A-ha-HA!” he turns to me and exclaims. Five minutes later, he repeats the same exercise, but this time I caught a picture:

When I first turned around to see what Liev was doing and saw these pans, I was astonished. You know the scene in Poltergeist where the housewife is discovering that her house is haunted? She turns her away and suddenly her kitchen chairs are stacked on one another? That’s how I felt. It was uncanny.

Well, spooky or not, he sure seems to have fun! Ah, our unlovely kitchen! Sigh!

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