Ocean Trip

What a trip! Liev absolutely loved the ocean, but it was more than his tiny mind could handle! I spent most of my time trying to keep him from swimming to England. The little guy is STRONG! And determined.

Tanya and Egor took a nice walk while I struggled with Liev and the issy-pissy stroller. He has outgrown it enough to be able to lunge his feet deep into the sand. This causes me to catapult forward, tipping the stroller to an angle where he can wriggle free and run laughing to the surf. After the third time, I tipped the stroller backwards and attempted to wheel him away.

No such luck! He was too heavy and the flimsy back wheels sank deep in the sand. And then the seat started to rip. So I picked the entire contraption up and returned to our beach towels.

I think that Liev was the most spazzed out kid on the beach.  I watched other toddlers play placidly in the sand or wade in the water, but T would drown his little self.  I guess it takes a few times to get a kid used to the immensity of the ocean.  When you think about it, it is this huge bucket of water that expands across the horizon.  What must his little mind think?  That it is a bathtub? A pool?  It’s not as if he could tell us. Liev has no natural fear of the water. I fear that if he does get “too wet” he will not want anything to do with the ocean.

We took turns bringing T to the water to play, but it was exhausting wrestling with him.  E did most of the work, while I watched anxiously.  Tanya was in her own world walking by herself or with E.  I had to strap T into his stroller when we were finished with water play to keep him from running off. He really needed his baa and souska afterward.

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