Whooo-hooo! Strawberries!

We had a little outing to pick strawberries with Liev. He didn’t seem to quite get the point, and somebody needed to be the “wait till it’s washed” officer, but it was lovely to get out and see real fruit on a plant.

The thing that surprised me the most was the smell of the fruit. The whole field was fragrant, it seemed almost artificial, but some subtle tang made it a natural fragrance.

We picked a basket of lovely fruits (below) that looked so delicious it was slightly sinister. The strawberries themselves were not as sweet or flavorful as the scent would have you think. Tanya cooked up some preserves for E he delighted in.

I was shocked since the jam was runny, but she did not dump chemicals on it so it was authentic Russian Jam. Along with the jam came some foamy confection that Egor gobbled with relish. Personally, I was surprised how sweet it was, but in the old days, you preserve with sugar. Half sweetened stuff just wouldn’t last. The jam will not last either, E’s loving it!


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