Dr. Dobbins

I took Tyoma to meet his new pediatrician today.  He was pretty squirmy in the office as we waited, so I was glad to have brought books for him.  I chose Dr. Dobbins for her extended experience and pleasant face.  Does it make sense that she looked like a cross between Dr. Bass and my dear sweet Grandmam?

She was not a touchy-feely doctor like Dr. Settles; she was a no-nonsense sorta gal. I liked her although she disparaged me calling her “Mam” all the time.  I will make it a point to call her “doctor” in the future.  It’s odd what can get under a person’s skin, I was nervous and trying to be polite.

Anyway, yes Tyoma has a speech delay, enough to be evaluated for speech therapy.  I was pretty shocked, actually.  She made it sound like no big deal.  She also said that the change in our living arrangements was what was causing the sleep problems.  She said to do what I always do, regardless of the mother-in-law.  He might scream, but he will feel more secure with a return to my way of doing things.  Boy, was I relieved to hear that.

I was a bit surprised to hear of the self-care stuff that Tyoma should be doing. We still feed him, except for finger foods, and I’d only give him a real cup if I wanted to spend the day changing his clothes.  He can do many things, but some time he just won’t and you can’t force things on him.  Well, not easily.

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