>Russian Kettlebells


E has been talking about Russian Kettlebells for the past few weeks, actually since before Christmas in NM.  The ‘bells are iron slugs with handles on them and you swing them to get into shape. 

E’s been agonizing over the purchase of a bell, specifically how heavy to buy it.  He wanted to get the 35-pound bell since it is closer to the type soviet athletes used to train with, but he was afraid that it might be too heavy.  The debate circled around for a few days and then he purchased the heavy one.

The exercises for this thing are crazy.  Basically you get fit by swinging the weight vigorously back and forth.  It’s a wrecker-ball in motion. E really needs to be mindful of where he’s swinging his weight since Liev is silent around the house and I have horrid visions of a hospital visit and untimely funeral (for hubby if he hurts T).

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