Seeking Support

I am about to lose my mind. I feel frustrated and hopeless.

Liev is having trouble sleeping.  He won’t nap during the day and he’s waking up at night.  Sleep problems occurred when family dynamics change, but he’s older now and they are worse.  When Mom or Tanya visits his behavior changes. He has trouble sleeping because he gets overexcited.  He needs calm and quiet, or just to be ignored until he cries it out.

To create an effective, sleep plan, I invested hours of research and experimentation to get the environment right for Liev. Now that we have guests, I need to figure out a new dynamic. Liev cries more. But we must keep to the schedule he is used to, otherwise, his sleep becomes exponentially worse!

The more disrupted the house becomes, the more inconsolable Liev becomes. Now he’s skipping his nap, thus he’s not sleeping during the day and he’s having trouble sleeping at night.  Ack! The move from New Mexico was easier than now.  As big as the relocation was, my plans and schedules worked. What I need is support, outside guidance to get my home life back on track.

I am making an appointment with our pediatrician to get perspective.

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