>I feel like I am the only one who is concerned that Tyoma is not speaking much.  They say that mothers just know when something is not right with their child. So I wonder. Is his pattern of losing words and not saying much a big deal? Is he not learning to speak because I get and do everything for him?

Still,  when I consider my neurotic, imaginative disposition, I realize this is probably nothing. Mom thinks it’s nothing. Tanya thinks it’s nothing, too.  When we were in ‘Cruces she said that E didn’t speak until he was older than two.  Now she says she can’t remember,  but boys always talk later.  She has dozens of anecdotes about it. I need to chill.

But!  When I consult google, I realize that he is behind. He is nowhere near using two word sentences, he barely uses one word consistantly.  It is so strange.  He’ll blurt out some random word and it sounds incredible, but then its gone into the abyss.  I should not be too worried, though.  He knows what things are.  We have lots of picture books and he can point to the pictures correctly.  He also knows at least 12 colors–he can pick them out across a variety of places. He knows the letters of the alphabet, especially Xwhich he points out with much enthusiasm everywhere we go.

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