Tanya Arrives

Tanya arrives from Moscow today.  I hope that our visit goes well, I expect so since there is so much I need to do and her help will allow me to get stuff done without taxing Liev.  He does not like to shop or go out much.

I can’t believe that we are mostly moved in! I was able to get so much done when mom was here, but a multitude of boxes still remain, unopened, unorganized.

I feel so scatter-brained.  The hardest part of moving is finding a new permanent place for all the stuff we use.  I can’t keep track of my car keys, purse or scissors since they don’t have a “place” yet.  this is so frustrating.  It will all come together, but it’s harder than you think to know all of the places in your new home and to transmit onto this new space a map of where your old stuff used to go. Labels. I need lists and labels!

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