First Spring in New Hampshire

Ahhh Spring!!!
Today, Egor’s mom planted flowers, while I distributed the vibrantly dyed mulch favored in New England to to the flowerbeds. It’s a shock to the system to see workers rapidly blowing swaths of orange-red mulch from the bellies of huge green trucks. It’s like they’re airbrushing people’s landscaping with Pine-sol scented granola.

Yesterday, the moving company hauled off a garage full of debris. Most of the trash was from our move–459 folded boxes, 24 trash bags of wadded up wrapping paper, plus a box or two of stuff that we should have tossed in New Mexico.

But the former owners left their legacy of odd stuff behind for us to discard. Almost all of the window treatments were dumped, along with a gargantuan refrigerator-sized brass chandelier which we kept knocking our heads into. We rid ourselves of three big boxes full of tacky Patriots memorabilia, primarily window stickies and strange outdoor decor items such as Patriots football-shaped stepping stones and a Patriots garden gnome.

Initially, I assumed that they were out of their minds, imagining that the new owners would be thrilled to find Patriots welcome mats at every entrance. But in reality, moves are a bitch, and they probably thought, “Screw it, we’re moving to Florida and we’ll have to change teams anyway to get along with the neighbors, so bye-bye Patriots wind chimes!” Heh. So, here it is! Our debris-free, freshly mulched home!

New Home

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