A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Laundry Room…

Egor took off at four this morning for a trip to the Russian consulate in NYC. I awoke late to penetrating shrieks from Tyoma, who obviously intended to solicit anyone in the apartment complex to remove him from his crib, since I was taking so long. Gobbling breakfast and slurping a pint of coffee usually settles well with me but today, bleh, I felt swept away by nausea. Fortunately, I recovered quickly and was more or less okay for the rest of the day, although high winds caused the building to sway microscopically, making me seasick.

In the evening, I worked on my ever-evolving project learning cards for Tyoma (more on that another time). I loved my new Fiskars paper trimmer and enjoyed immersing myself into a project, which was timely since two hours of flight delays kept Egor away. When he finally got in at 10, he surprised me with a thoughtful present from the Metropolitan Art Museum. How sweet!!!

Egor loved the Metro and we made plans to visit sometime during the summer. Yay!

Oooo! I almost forgot, here is my funny story:

While Tyoma played in the living room with his new books, I dashed to the laundry room to pick up a clean load of laundry (it’s 20 feet from our apartment). When I returned, I discovered that Tyoma had locked the deadbolt. We have safety knobs on the doors to keep him from escaping; nevertheless, he fiddled with the deadbolt.

In my gym pants, stocking feet, and a light clingy tee, I surveyed the weather outside.  Cloudy, 30 degrees. The wind buffeted the building at 40 mph and the hike to the main office was about 400 yards (uphill). “Tyoma!” I called sweetly, “Unlock the door and let Mama iii-nn!” “Tyoma, let Mommy iii-n. Unlock the dooo-oor!” I rattled the door know and crooned to him for another few minutes, all the while debating between the freezing walk to the main office or being murdered by the resident serial killer in 688 who will undoubtedly be the only one home in the entire building. After a total of four minutes, Tyoma unlocked the deadbolt and greeted me with a self-satisfied chortle.

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