Last Day of Winter

Today is the last day of winter and I’m sure that means no more snow, sleet, ice pellets, blizzards or snow squalls. I’d like to share my experiences with winter weather.

What you learn after 20 days of winter in New Hampshire…

  1. You might notice that your car’s steering wheel is arctic freakin’ freezing first thing in the morning. Sure, you anticipated the snow and ice removal, but you never imagined that the steering wheel would be cold enough to make your hands ache and turn blue. Next time bring your awesome Pearl Izumi gel cycling gloves, your fingers will be super toasty!
  2. If you leave your Pearl Izumi gel cycling gloves it the car over night, they will freeze solid and be even colder than the steering wheel.
  3. Defrosting your Pearl Izumi gel cycling gloves in the microwave is not recommended.
  4. Always clean the snow off the top of your car. It becomes a projectile missile as you drive and will undoubtedly give a native New Mexico driver a heart attack when it hurtles towards her SUV at 30 mph.
  5. On really cold days, salt and ice blend into grimy viscous slime. This slime will obscure your windshield entirely. Going through a “tank” of wiper fluid is a real possibility.
  6. When the weather has mixed snow and rain, pop your windshield wipers up off the windshield to keep them from freezing in place. It takes forever to thaw them out, which really sucks after you’ve been slimed by that jerk in a red mustang.
  7. When the Weather Channel states that it is a balmy 37 degrees outside, you should note the wind-chill factor before taking the trash out in your sweat pants and slippers.
  8. You really should wear shoes when you take out the trash. The slime will eat your slippers.
  9.  All the travel sanitizing wipes squirreled away in your car will freeze solid. Sitting on them to defrost them will give you a really cold bottom. BTW, your Purell hand sanitizer will get slushy and the teeny Lysol can you bought at Wal-Mart will loose its pressure.
  10. You’ll love the snow anyway,  since big fluffy snowflakes are crazy beautiful.

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