“What was so hard about that?”

Today I found the Nashua Mall. Easy-peasy. Someone should point out the difference between Nashua Drive and Nashua Street to google maps. Anyway, the concept of a “mall” here differs from my Southwestern concept of “mall.”

 I anticipated a large indoor collection of stores, much like the Pheasant Lane Mall (you know, like Simon malls), but instead I found a cluster of separate outdoor buildings bordered by a huge parking lot. Cool, but not what I was expecting.

I loved the closeness of all the great stores, especially the baby stores. Liev is officially a toddler, but Babies R’Us still has cool clothes and toys. I treated him to a cool educational toy to compensate for the batch of toys abandoned at the last minute in New Mexico. I should have picked him up some little gloves while I was at LL Bean, but I felt tired.

After the mall trip, I detoured to Lincoln Park for a little outing. I met another mother, my age (yay!) with a little boy Liev’s age. Liev was a good head taller than her son, James, and T seemed like a sumo wrestler compared to J’s petite frame, but the little guy had a killer grip. He grabbed Liev’s fingers and squeezed so hard that James’ knuckles turned white. Liev was more astonished than hurt, and James looked rather placid as if his superior knowledge of other kids was worth the ten pounds Liev had on him. I liked Amy, who gave me her contact info and a few recommendations for daycare. Cool.

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