>Isty Bitsy Flu Bug


I’m going to die if I read this once more!!! Six times today! My day started out swell with dual shopping trips to Sears and Market Basket in the snow. Tyoma protested me putting his hood up by stiffening up like a board. Why bother with the hood when the end result is still a face full of snow?

Aww, well. After I stuffed my astonished snow covered child in his carseat, I was overcome by fatigue. I still had to drive home and haul him up two flights of stairs. Sigh. During the tiny one’s nap, I watched Feast. It was a surprisingly good movie for a lowbudget horror/comedy. It was very gory at the beginning, and with an upset stomach, my tummy lurched a few times, but I soldiered through. It was damn funny. Unexpected! BTW, Henry Rollins, you sexy beast, thank you for owning your grey hair and for being a convincing actor. 🙂 Super campy!

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