>New Car!


It’s pretty much a given that we need to get a new car, but with everything going on, I just didn’t have the energy to lug the little guy around town while E looked for the newest member of the family.  He was so happy when I said, “Go on with out me, just give me a call before you buy anything.”

He came home at lunch with a blue Camry, eyes aglow. I trotted down with squirmer, asked E how he liked it and trying to hide his jubilance, he said, “It’s really nice.”  I didn’t want to keep him in suspense, so I said, “Cool. Let’s get it!”

He was so happy and excited!  He drove back, made a down payment and scheduled car pick up for tomorrow. Unbelievable! We pick our brand new car up tomorrow. Smokey Joe has a sibling. Yay!

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