My Totally Insane Day Before the Big Airplane Trip

Just thinking about today makes my fingers jam up! Here’s a quick and easy chronology of my day:

I called Hertz at 7:00 a.m. to confirm car rental for the airport trip. Hertz goofed up my reservation, resulting in telephone crankiness. Nicole at Hertz sweetly squared everything away, nevertheless.

At 8:00 am, I dashed off to pick up rental car with Tyoma in tow. Hilton parking lot was JAMMED full of cars. I found the last space in the lot. Turns out, the Western Pecan Growers Association was having its annual meeting this morning. Jolly farmers in plaid shirts were everywhere.

The rental car, a monstrous Ford Expedition, partially blocked traffic in the lot since I parked illegally behind B.T. to install the car seat. Tyoma squalled as I fiddled with the seat, simultaneously freaked out by pecan growers in big deisel trucks inching around the Expedition and the strangeness of the super huge rental car’s interior.

We got home after 9:00 to find that the cleaning crew from Merry Maids consisted not of the three girls I was promised, but by one stressed out twenty-two year old named “Memorie.” I immediately quipped, “I bet everyone remembers your name.” Instantly I felt like an ass, so I quickly added, “Sorry, you must hear that a thousand times.” We had a little laugh (she probably hears that a lot, too). Having a new person in the house pushed Tyoma over the edge. He was inconsolable for the next twenty minutes.
The next few hours bounced between comforting Tyoma, packing up stuff and calling Mom, who had gotten ill. To compound matters, Dad had been selected for jury duty this morning, so he was not able to help Mom out as expected. Around one, Mom was still feeling sick so we cancelled her trip. It will work out better for her to come at another time anyway, without the insane rush.

At 1:30 the carpet cleaners came and Tyoma officially declared his nap skipped with lusty, heart-wrenching wails. Memorie was still cleaning house. To spare everyone the agonized shrieks of my son, I hauled Tyoma off to the post office where I mailed three final boxes of book to NH.

I was the mother with “that uncontrollable child” in line. I ran another errand or two and arrived home in time to write the carpet guy a check and to wave farewell to Memorie—she had been at our place for almost six hours (with ample tip in hand).

Ten minutes later, I realized that Memorie had not finished cleaning all of the household’s cabinets. I felt so sorry for her, but darn it, Merry Maids charged me an arm and a leg for the cleaning and they needed to complete the job or give me money. Another cranky phone call instantly made me $100 richer. All I had to do was drop off a check for the price adjustment before 5:00 (30 minutes from phone call). On the bright side, Tyoma is now less freaked by the Expedition.
At 6:15 I realized that I seriously underestimated luggage capacity, especially with Mom not coming. My carry on items were so overloaded that I had to leave one of his new travel toys behind and pack another in the checked luggage. Curses! Fortunately his cool magnetic gear thingy fit fine! Other toys and clothing items from the checked luggage were left behind, too—everything was way too heavy!!!
Near 7:00, I remembered that I was going to freeze my butt off sleeping on an air mattress in the sunroom. I had to relocate my bed since the carpets were still wet and smelly from the earlier cleaning. I frantically called Ewbliette and asked her to rescue me. She brought a blanket and a fluffy animal print comforter. Heh. Too bad my suitcases were so full, I’ve always liked that comforter….
It was so good to see her and say goodbye (sob!). It was even better that she helped me pack the last two suitcases and weigh everything (twice!). After she left, I seemed to find innumerable tiny things to occupy myself with until 10, when I passed out.

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