>Our New Home!!!


Long story short, we picked out our new home! It’s in Merrimcack, not too far from the turnpike and in a lovely neighborhood! Yay! It was one of our two top choices and we were able to get it for a wonderful price. The downside is, of course, some ugliness installed by the former owners. The kitchen is painted bright mustard yellow with a grotesque wallpaper border featuring plump, psychotic figures in chef’s hats. This clashes outrageously with the pickled oak cabinets and forest green countertops. Brr!

Kitchen One kitchen2

But hey, painting is easy! And new, muted countertops to match? Hmmm…maybe a Christmas present for the house next year! It’ll be loverly! The rest of the home is very lovely and very neutral, excepting for the family room adjacent to the kitchen, which is inexplicably mint green:

bigroom and kitchen2

Whoa!I had seen this property on the internet in Las Cruces and ruled it out completely since the downstairs looked so funky. I’ll post some more pics later! Yay!

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