Video Tour

OMG!Well, I have to admit, the house is pretty darn clean.  I’ve swept, polished, dusted, vacuumed, mopped and shined every square inch for the video crew.  I remember when we had Violet clean for us, and as much as I liked her, I don’t want to have to chat with her as she cleans for an hour.  I am really relying on mom’s help to babysit while I clean, pack and organize.

It’s nice that we have a 12-year-old from up the street to babysit Liev for a few hours every now and then.  It’s odd, though, she brings movies over to watch.  Liev likes the weather channel and that’s about it.  He won’t sit still for TV, not that I blame him. It’s loud, too bright and riotous. Heh. I grew up with Chuck Jones, so I should talk!  I guess I should say it’s a bit much for a toddler!

Anyway, I keep out of the crew’s way while they film.  I feel crazy anxious about how it will turn out, but I guess I’d be crazy anxious over making toast, too!

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