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You would not believe how difficult it is for me to open up our house for sale, but today it is officially on the market.

I feel freaked out because the idea of having people come into our home and look at our furniture and, well, stuff, is freaky. But we must. i don’t want our home to languish on the market for months and I hope that the fellow who sold us the house can help us dispatch it quickly.

We are fortunate that Papa Sasha helped us out so we don’t have to pay monthly rental at this time, but we have kept records and will be paying back rent as soon as we can get back on our feet.

Our Realtor will be sending a crew here to film our place for an online tour. This multiplied my freak out factor by twenty. I am so particular about my home, so house proud that I don’t know if I can cope with the anxiety of the filming or visits.

Well, seriously, you won’t have to lock me up, I’m just sayin’.

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