Final Well-visit in New Mexico

Today we caught up with our pediatrician before the move. Since she could not make our November visit, this will serve as our 18-month well-visit. I expressed my concerns over Liev speaking little. But she said about four words is okay for now.

He has spoken many words, but he seems to lose them–he used to say “mama,” “boo-ah” (papa), and “gaa-a” (our dog) frequently, but these words vanished. Other words have appeared, “aaah” for apple, and short phonemes for food or favorite activities, but nothing sticks.  He gets what he wants by pointing and fussing.

Our pediatrician reminded me that children in dual language households often talk later. She had mentioned this earlier, but I forgot. She also stated that at 18-19 months Liev would have a developmental “language explosion,” and everything would level out—he would learn a few new words every day. She said that some children do loose “mama” and “papa” at this age, but it will return soon–don’t worry until closer to his two year well visit.

Liev liked the visit, especially since there were no shots.  He kept pawing at Dr. Settles hair.  Long brown hair must be an oddity to him. I worry about finding another doctor in NH. I will know no one!  It’s so lovely to have someone you trust to connect with.

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