>Car Hunt

>We are now hunting in earnest for a new car.  Our plan is to pick up one car here and one car there.  The NM car will likely be mine and we will pick up something newer for E in NH.  Last Saturday, we packed up Tyoma and went to the Toyota lot, where E wanted to look around.  He squirmed and it was hard to look around.  Mom is sitting for us today.

This week Egor  found a used 2003 Highlander in great shape.  All his research says that this would be the perfect purchase, but I am very sceptical.  The car we looked wonderful, but it positively stank.

The former owners were smokers and the deodorizer they used to remove the smell makes my eyes water.  I want a newer RAV4, but E said it’s not such a good deal.  I hate strong smells, and the idea of my car reeking of chemicals is a major deal breaker for me. But, after several phone calls to the dealer, e assured me that the car will air out fine. There were some tears, but a deal was made. E promises that this will be his car if I can’t adjust to the smell. I also insisted on seat replacements for the cigarette-burned passenger side and Toyota even threw in new tires. Phew.  Off to google car de-deodorizes!

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