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The head hunter who contacted us re a position on the East Coast over the summer sent us an email requesting E’s resume. I was a bit annoyed, since I had told her we were not interested on relocating out east. But, we need to keep our options open.

It will take California two more weeks to get back to us about the interview. E’s been vetted and it looks very promising, but no one is telling us to pack our shit. We need to check this out quickly.

Hi Egor,
I got the resume, and forwarded it to XXX last night. I spoke with XXX this morning and told him you were a hot ticket for his positions, but that we had to turn the entire process around within 3 weeks.
Ironically, XXX grew up in El Segundo, and his father worked for Aerospace Corp. for years.
He had not read your resume when we spoke, but said that from what I told him of your background it sounded good. He is going to read it and get back to me sometime this afternoon. There is a chance that I will be setting up a telephone conversation for you this weekend with either XXX , or YYY who reports to XXX.
I will call you right after I hear from XXX.
Best regards,

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