Nukestock Begins…


Erhm, yes this photo is from Friday night, but the skeleton sweethearts in their seashell looked so precious, I just had to show them off!

I dashed off to the premier night of Nukestock seconds after I put baby down. The first night, traditionally the beer and wine tasting night, promised to be filled with delectable goodies, so I was very anxious to start sampling. Ewbliette and Brotherkurt’s table was every bit as impressive as I hoped.

A colossal assortment of exotic beer was the centerpiece, flanked by tons and tons of CHEESE! I came for the cheese! Gouda, Stilton, flavored havartis, jarlesburg, aged cheddars, nameless varieties marbled with greens and blues, cheese with nuts, cheese with fruit, and cheese with herbs! Ahh sweet paradise! AND hard sausages! I counted two varieties, but suspect I overlooked a third since one of their sausages was so delicious that I had eyes only for it!

The pair of them must have put this party together just for me! Due to my diet, I passed on the crackers and bread, which ranged from delicate and sophisticated to simple and earthy. I forgot my diet when Ewbliette brought out the gourmet chocolate squares and muffins. It was very difficult not to make a hog of myself!

Despite my gourmandizing, I managed to survive on a glass of wine and no beer. My evening was once again a short one, primarily so I could enjoy a longer time out tomorrow. Getting up early with Tyoma doesn’t lend itself to late evenings.

Anyway, I did actually spend some time not stuffing my face. I chatted with Raz, who demurely sipped on samples of various beers two tablespoons at a time. She was one of about four people who seemed to take the beer tasting aspect of the party seriously. Tkil and deliriumdreams were also in attendance, so I had a chance to gab with them as well. The house was just beginning to fill up as I left. Alas!

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