>Tennisfiend came home from work today and told me that a co-worker’s wife left him. How shocking. She sounds as if she is half-mad and being influenced by someone at her church.

Every August, this woman, “Amelia” goes a little nuts. She goes really over board with the religion and seems manic. I’ve suspected bipolar and suggested it to TF, but he says that she is having mental health issues due to the meds she is taking for MS.

How awful–to be so sick and unbalanced. She cleaned out the bank accounts and even got into some social security savings. Where she’s staying is anyones guess. This split could not come at a worse time. The company is struggling and pay is minimal. Stress is high for everyone. Poor Rex, having to deal with all this, too. Tennisfiend was very surprised and expressed disgust at her selfishness for leaving at such a bad time. We spent the rest of the evening being super sweet to each other.

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