Congratulations Food4Thoth!

>Congratulations Food4Thoth and wife! The pair had a Lucky 13th Anniversary Party tonight that I briefly attended. What a lovely home! Pat and I arrived after dark, so I did not get a good look at the outside of their place, but it certainly seemed expansive.

Inside, Thoth and spouse put in an incredible kitchen and tiled floors–the kitchen cabinets were to die for! Their home looked like Southwestern bed and breakfast you’d see in a magazine. Classy! I visited with Rodeyo and Raz, and sipped a half a glass of wine while making friends with Lonnie, who brought her brand new Nikon MD80 to the party.

She worked at Southwest Counseling before moving to a youth program at FYI. We talked shop and camera gear. Thoth brought out an ooooold picture of the two of us from an Oingo Boingo concert in the 80’s. Wearing black lipstick, he looked verypretty, some of the guests mistook him for a girl! It’s hard to believe that all this fun was stuffed into about 90 minutes! I wore out early, but sweet Ewbliette took me back to her place (for my car). Last thing I heard, folks were gearing up for the hot tub.

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