>Aquarium Monday


We finally found a home for our aquarium!

E drove mom’s disintegrating van to Robert’s place to drop off our 55 gallon aquarium.  Mom’s van is always full of ominous creaks, rattles and smells and driving without the A/C made the whole experience rather, unsettling.

Roberts place is a single wide trailer which he has gutted and plans to build anew.  Walls have been torn down and electronic fixtures dangle menacingly, giving the space a post-apocalypse feel. He plans to fit the floors and walls with lacquered plywood, stainless steel and glass for an ultra modern feel.  I wish him luck. This could take years.

But!  His home is on an acre of breathtaking land overlooking the mountains.  Personally, I think a few throw pillows and paper lanterns would suffice, his location is gorgeous!  Egor said if he even finished up half his space like he planned he could sell his place for a fortune.  I don’t see it. Robert would host fabulous parties and everyone would come and worship him!

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