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Egor came home tonight and mentioned that we might get a new car.  A connection with a local bank gave us an in on the auction of a foreclosed car–a 2000 Lexus coupe. Whoa. Might work out, E seems ecstatic.

I am surprised. Where are we going to get the money?

Maybe,  I am not so surprised. Egor’s Taurus is 15 years old. We bought it from one of his co-workers for next to nothing. It has gold peeling paint and no air conditioner. And it clicks ominously when you turn it. Sigh.

All this right before our trip. We don’t know if we will get the job. A security clearance is vital in his field of work and he just doesn’t have one. And damn, if we move to LA we will be living in a shoebox that costs a fortune. But we must buy a new car. We will see what happens. If this looks like a good deal, we will take it. We can’t drive his crappy Taurus from here to there and the shipping on the car would cost more than it’s worth. My vote, get a car there, after we’ve moved. Alas!

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