Hair, Glorious Hair!

Well, the driver side window to my car is shot. BT has been going to hell all summer long. Now rubbery moans convulse the car as the window lowers, then progress stutters to a halt. The window raises fine, so I automatically lower it without thinking.  

I feel fool during errands to the bank and picking up fast food. Opening the door and stumbling  out to do my business, people recoil as if I am dangerous. What kind of person am I to be humiliated by this? Probably the type who was made fun of all through school. Huh.

Today, Rodeyo gave me the loveliest, blondest highlights! But he was in an uncharacteristic bad mood. Some moods only worsen in the face of jokes and cheer, so I kept quiet. After much coffee, his inner fabulousness kicked in and I sighed in relief. Despite the crankiness, he tossed me a freebie hairspray and was sweet as pie as I trotted off to my poor sad car.

I felt extra stressed today, anyway. Blah. T minus six days.


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