Hair, Glorious Hair!

Well, the driverside window to my car is totally broken. It’s been going to hell all summer long. It gives a rubbery moans as you lower the window and then stutters to a halt. It seems to go up just fine, which accounts for the problem. My brain is on auto-pilot and I close the damn window after I open it.

I feel like an idiot running errands to the bank and picking up fast food, having to open the door in my anceint car. Stumbling  out to do my business, people look shocked as if I have made a major social transgression. What kind of person am I to be humiliated by this? Probably the type who was made fun of all through school. Huh.

Today, Rodeyo gave me the loveliest, blondest highlights! But, he was in the pissiest mood evah! Sometime after noon, his inner fabulousness kicked in and I sighed in relief. Despite the crankiness, he tossed me a freebie hairspray and was sweet as pie as I trotted off to my poor sad car.

I felt extra stressed today, anyway. Blah. T minus six days.

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