Labor Day with Patricia

Yay! Pat had today off! We hung out and it was sweet!

We started off around eleven (she slept in till ten!), with some Liev time. Since we’re prepping for my Cali trip, she’s going to give Mom a little break during the weekend when we’ll be gone. I know Grandma and Grandpa love the little one, but he can really wear a person out!

I made us coffees and we gabbed until Mom arrived. We decided on lunch at Chiles and celebrated with a fried cheese (Good Lord!) and identical main courses (Chicken Loose Bowel Wraps). I usually love the ribs, but after my Outback Upchuck*, I decided to pass.

After lunch, we dashed over to Barnes and Nobel, where I resolved not to buy anything. We had a blast clothes shopping for Pat, who picked up a gaggle of cute outfits for work. One reason we are best friends–we shop the same way. When it comes to clothes, we are very pragmatic and sensible. When it comes to books, the weirder, the better!

At the last minute, I wound up recruiting Ewbliette as an emergency babysitter for tomorrow evening. Egor’s Told professor from Moscow State University will be in town tomorrow, and since he is a friend of the family, all of us will be dining at La Posta tomorrow. Bless her for stepping up!

* Mom and I became ill after our meal at the Outback Steakhouse. I tossed my cookies a few hours after dinner. Pat said that a girlfriend can’t eat their ribs due to the amount of MSG in them. Huhn!

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