Suit Shopping

E took off half a day so we could go suit shopping. We started with lunch at one of our favorite restaurants–and we ran into Kurt, his dad, and sister! Cool Beans! Egor chose a yummy sandwich as I agonized over which salad would be more South Beach. I sure hope it works better than Atkins.

We left for the mall after hugs and handshakes with Kurt,  At Dillard’s, only one suit fit well. So, we raced over to the Men’s Wearhouse, where we were greeted by a short, young fellow with Zoolander hair. When did this come into style?! I am such an out of touch old fart. Anyway, they had 10,000 suits all crammed together, and not a one was a proper fit. Back to Dillard’s and our happy-to-see-you-again salesperson.

Egor received a shock when he was measured for alterations–one of his arms is slightly longer than the other! It turns out that this is a common occurrence. Who knew? I received a shock when I realized that two hours without seeing my baby made me miss him terribly. All the way home, we talked about him. How will I ever cope with missing him in California?!

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