Hell Week, Day Two…


I’ve put all the pics related to Liev’s birthday party online for Egor’s family in Russia. Whew. Most are backdated. Heck, most of my journal is backdated!

Egor’s interview is scheduled in California. Babysitting for us, my folks are ready to take Liev for three days since I am going to Cali, too! We are looking for houses/condos/apartments/shacks. This is happening so quickly. And da-yumn, real estate in California is expensive!

Egor’s business might get sold. We are praying for a sale, but fear that the other board members will be foolishly greedy. How will a company buyout affect the job search? It all depends on what California is like. We could love it. Or not. We will know more about the buyout as the week progresses. Meanwhile, Egor is putting together a seminar for his interview in California. Meanwhile, I am still lurking the net, looking for new jobs.

A new car seems like a distant dream. Actually, a September paycheck could be a distant dream.


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