>Happy Birthday Moosh


It seems like I’ve spent most of this week scrambling to put together birthday surprises for my two guys.  Last year I ordered a heap of outdoor grill goodies for Egor, including an extensive range of esoteric accessories, that save for one, we have used regularly.  This year we are stone broke, so such luxury is an impossibility. I even speculate that we might need to either auction off our grill-ware or start catering out of our back yard.

So, to treat Egor, I focused on the pragmatic.  What does that mean? Pillows! Yep, I’m replacing the battered, pancaked pillow his mama sent him years ago with fresh springy marshmallowy pillows. 

E’s one of those fellows who likes firm pillows. You know, the unyielding mattress-like pillows that jolt your spine into rectangular alignment.  They are the type that are either very expensive and feature the word “therapeutic” on them or are bargain priced and “made in China.”  I guess the difference is how long-lived they are, but if they last for six months and don’t smell like naphtha, they’ll do.

So lucky me, I go to JCP and find, on sale, a pillow certain to contain several geese worth of feathers.  Actually, considering the price, it’s probably Freebreezed chicken feathers, but it’s lovely.  I splurged a tiny bit on some shower gel at Dillards, Ambre, pour Hommes.  Smells great!  It’s nice to find a scent fresh and modern that doesn’t smell insecticidal.

So, tonight we had a lovely home-cooked dinner, thanks to mom: scallops wrapped in thick, organic uncured bacon ( my mom rocks!), asparagus and corn on the cob with tons of melted butter.  I sent the birthday cake to work, since I am still watching my carbs, but wine doesn’t count, does it? Sauvingon Blanc, ice cold.  We are sure to toast my folks, who have been so helpful to us!

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