First Haircut


I took Tyoma for his first haircut today. I intended to have an incredible photo shoot for the whole thing, but I wound up leaving the camera in the stroller while holding Tyoma in my lap. The haircut went incredibly well, Rodeyo is a genius with kids! It’s always a treat to see him.

Later that afternoon, as I fed a hot and slighly cranky baby his dinner, Tennisfiend grabbed the camera and took these shots. I objected to the whole process since I wanted his “first haircut” pictures to be a monument to his babyhood. Afterall, he looks sorta goofy shirtless and with a tiny bib.

How dare you take my picture! wellokay
Well, okay. Sometimes I’m too anal for my own good. Enjoy Tyoma’s totally-realistic-and-reflects-our-real-life “first haircut” photos!

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