Get Out of Here!

About four weeks ago, Tyoma started his essential vocabulary list. The words are:
1. Mama
2. Bua (Papa)
3. Grrlll (gorilla/Misty)

He seems to think that our dog Misty is a gorilla. Why does he think Misty is a gorilla? Well, we read him “Goodnight, Gorilla” and show him fuzzy baby animal books with gorillas in them. Their black fur matches Misty’s, plus, Misty’s nickname is “Girlfriend.” After weeks of “gggrrrll-aaah’s” Mom has decided to make his birthday a Jungle Affair:

Can you believe this?
 Holy-Moley! Is this not the weirdest/coolest thing you’ve ever seen?!

Little Tyoma will be the only kid on the block with a gorilla rocker. Thanks folks!

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