>Black Widow Invader


Well, we’ve had worse black widow situations.

About six weeks ago, I noticed a web at the foot of my bed! I freaked. Nightly, a vigil was kept. Flashlight in hand, I checked the web repeatedly over the next several days. No spider. I demolished the web and forgot about it. Until today. While making my bed, I discovered a sturdy new web, connecting the lower part of my mattress (which rests on the floor) to the bookshelves alongside it.

All day long I watched that web, as if the spider was going to pop up and shout “BOOGA-BOOGA-BOOGA!” I kept an eye on Tyoma lest he cruise too close to it. At 6:30, I closed the shades and put the AC on max. Twenty minutes later, faithful flashlight in hand, I spotted the evil black spider, fiddling in the space between bookshelves.

She was so large,ripe and sisnister that I could not bear to squash her. I left that to Tennisfiend. Brrr. I am disturbed that such a loathesome creature made her nest so close to my bed and baby play area. Yuck. E.T.A. I had nightmares all night about the spider creeping on my leg, getting entangled in Misty’s fur (she sleeps at the foot of my bed), and biting Tyoma. Sometimes I want to bomb our house with pesticides.

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