Goodbye, A and I!

Goodbye to E’s best friend and goodbye to E’s company. Disenfranchised by the turmoil at work, Alex secured a new job in Dallas. E’s company will be paralyzed without him. Telling no one else, Alex simply quit showing up. Forget a two-week notice or a goodbye party he’s been stuffing U-Haul boxes. Likely he is keeping quiet to protect his interests from scatterbrained retribution.

On one hand, we are shocked. He just got married! No honeymoon, no preparation, no closure, just frantic evacuation. But we get why. The salary squeeze and partisan drama devalued and alienated him and Egor. We need to get out of here. What kind of business can you sell without the designing scientist and software guy? What can we do? I fear this is all some nasty plot from rival stockholders. How foolish, really. Like shooting yourself in the foot.

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