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I dropped by to visit with Pat tonight, peanut butter and celery in hand. I’m doing the Atkin’s thing, hoping for miracle weight loss. Tonight is her last evening here before an exiting vacation with in California. My friend dearly needs a reprieve. Her work has been hectic and unfair. Brrr–accounting. Brrr–managing people.

The two of us would make excellent (but not very quiet) librarians. Anyway, I was in a blue mood tonight. Dragged down by our fruitless job search, discouraged by my weight loss, and disappointed with personal issues ( I really want us to ditch his company and get another job), I had a pity party in the middle of her living room. Bless Ewbliette for her unflagging optimism, sweet sympathy, and grounded reality check. Oh, and bless her for being insanely funny! And bless her for the mess of Atkins goodies she sent me home with. Heh. Have a fun trip!!!

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