Last night I packed up for a trip to Mom and Dad’s so Egor could watch Wimbledon in peace. Despite my current brain fog, I thought of everything. Good thing, too, since Egor woke me just before the match started and practically shoved me out the door.
He’d loaded everything up except the baby. I tossed on some clothes, zapped a pint of instant coffee, grabbed a Campbell’s Chunky Soup and staggered out the door with Liev. My folks weren’t expecting me at 7:15 since I always call and say I’ll be there “early” when I generally turn up around 9:30.
Dad contained his aggravation and mom expressed her surprise as they scrambled to assemble Liev Land. And that was just their stuff! Putting together all my portable goodies made it feel like a festive camping trip! For the first time, baby relaxed at my folk’s place (Probably since we had so much of our home there!).
As usual, squirmer conked out on the way home. I rushed him into the crib and had time to watch the last minutes of Wimbledon with Egor. The match was fantastic, according to hubby. I had kept an eye on it at my folk’s place, feeling relieved that his favorite, Federer, looked like the champion. The whole of the afternoon was swallowed by resume stuff for Egor.
The site where we needed to post his resume was down last week and we needed to post before Monday afternoon. I fiddled with Resumix, formatting info until the ANSWER website miraculously re-appeared. What a relief! E opted to spend quality time with Liev while I transferred info onto about a zillion forms. Job mission accomplished.

E.T.A. We did have enough time to take a Liev picture! I didn’t realize that the baby on the box was 1/3 the size of our son. He dwarfs the little scooter!

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