>"Percy…Who’s Queen?"


Thank you clarke-mas for the Amazon gift certificate! I picked out:


  1. Black Adder II For shame! A shame that it has taken me this long to upgrade my Black Adder collection to DVD! Tennisfiend and I watched three episodes last night. “You have a woman’s purse, Milord…” Hee!
  2. E.F. Benson A book of Short horror fiction by on of my favorite Victorian authors, E.F. Benson. This will replace the battered mass market paperback mouldering by my bedside.
  3. Brian Hodge Another book of short horror fiction! This one is from a smaller press, Nightshade Books. I’ve read Hodge anthologized, but this is the first collection of his I’ve gotten my hands on. Yay!  
  4. Horror Writers Association: How to Write Horror I won’t be publishing horror fiction anymore than Clarke-mas will be launching a (full scale!) U-boat.

Coming soon..Adventure Jill’s House of Wax Hoppy Toads.Wish me luck!

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