>Baby Books!


Yay Mom and Dad! Much thanks to them for the load of baby books they bought for Tyoma! After reading Violet’s House and every Priddy cloth book evah, ten thousand times over, I am so grateful to have something new to look at! Thanks a million!

  1. Quiet/Loud What a sweet little book on opposites! It’s funny and very colorful.
  2. Big/Little By the same folks as Quiet/Loud. Bright, playful images.
  3. Little Rabbit Lost A board book with a story about getting lost and coming home again.
  4. I Stink A story about a dump truck’s daily duties. Another colorful, funny book.
  5. Goodnight Gorilla Probably my favorite book. Goodnight, Gorilla is an extended book of pictures that allows you to tell your own story. The illustrations are vivid and are absolutely precious!

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