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Today was insane. It started out at six a.m. with a fussy baby. I put him down learly ast night since he skipped a nap and  because I wanted to race over to Ewbliette and Brotherkurt’s, A.S.A.P for game night. Of course, I raced back home less than two hours later, but that’s another entry. I promised to be up at the crack of dawn this morning to provide TF with annoyance-free French Open viewing.
Transfixed by the match, Tennisfiend rooted for the Swede, Roger Federer. This was a much anticipated match in our household. TF fretted with the rake out back during commercial breaks and coughed nervously during important points. Tension is contagious to me, so I stayed well away. Despite my best efforts to keep baby quiet, he fussed noisily and skipped his morning nap. At lunch I noticed that two more teeth were coming in. That is a total of SIX teeth in the past three weeks!!! Yikes!
Exhausted by the match and dissapointed by Federer’s loss, TF took a long afternoon nap, while I coped with squirmy baby. It was too hot to read or play in the house, so we trekked outdoors and played near a sprinkler. After TF woke up, I plunked naked baby in the issy-pissy pool and patted papa on the head, saying, “He’s all yours.”

The swim distracted baby and relieved mama. I used the time to puree baby food and listen to music. Post swim activity included MORE fussing followed by a gargantuan poop; necessitating two for clean up (unless I hosed baby off by the roses). After I put baby down to sleep, I drove to the local specialty store and bought sushi and white wine. Ahhhh!

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