Wedding Reception!!!


“Tee-hee! Photos are silly!

Whee! Congrats and !!!! More pics and text to follow! Brotherkurt
will kill me, since I went for the goofy pic. Forgive me, dude, but you look adorable!
Ewbliette and Brotherkurt’s reception was a blast! Tennisfiend and I started early with a mid-afternoon visit to show off monster baby. Tkil and Nirikrss were hanging out in the living room, drinking some fine stout and gabbing. TF sat silently,his usual reticent self, while Tkil talked camera tech with me (my brain still feels tiny!). After Ewbliette and Brotherkurt showed off their cake, we took off, ostensibly since baby was fussy, but truthfully since TF is really introverted! The Wedding Cake
The delicious coconut wedding cake.
I must add that the spread of goodies the happy couple put together for their guests was stupendous! A half a vineyard edged the buffet in the dinning room. Beer enough for an Oktoberfest was lined up in coolers in the back yard. And the food! Good Lord! I think I was too focused on the wine to remember… Oh yes, there was food! Ummmm. Chips and, err, BBQ pulled pork sandwiches!!! And, of course yummy wedding cake! Nikriss and Greyhound Escorts
Nirikrss and his Greyhound Escorts. Three of the sweetest doggies ever!

As we left, Nirikrss took his three lovely greyhounds for a walk in the park adjacent to the Brotherkurt household. I had a chance to visit with his puppies later in the evening, feeding them doggie biscuits I took along for them. BTW, Nirikrss has the thickest, orangest hair I’ve ever seen!

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