>Hail Storm


Flooded Again

I passed a few wonderfully pleasant hours with Ewbliette today, ostensibly to help decorate for tomorrow’s monster wedding reception. Instead, we had an amiable gabfest and I trundled home to spend a quiet evening with Tennisfiend. Baby fell asleep early and easily, so the two of us read drowsily until the weather turned really bad.
I suppose the ordeal originated with sharp, gusting wind. Then again, house-shaking wind is so commonplace; we ignored it. When I heard the first few “pops,” I was curious but unfazed, until I realized what it was—hail! As the pops became bangs, I raced out into the storm to pull my precious SUV into our garage, nearly taking out a portion of wall and barely missing Tennisfiend’s feet.
The instant I turned off the engine, the hail transformed into a solid sheet of water, a heavy and violent deluge. We had only an instant to think of all that needed to be done to rescue our sunroom from an unprecedented flood. TF swiftly sealed the backdoor with duct-tape as I wrangled the industrial mop bucket into position and tossed last weeks flood towels on the floor. Donning my dad’s gortex jacket, TF situated our water transfer pump out the porch window to prevent water from inundating the sunroom via the dog door. I snapped the above picture right before water began to slither in through the back door, despite the duct taping.
Actually, we’ve endured worse downpours. The water only rose two inches above our back door, dampening but not soaking the sunroom. Plus, not a drop seeped in from the dog door. On an even brighter note, I won’t have to water my garden for a week!

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