Oooo-veedimsa Skora! (We’ll be seeing you soon!)


Fontessa Smiling 1 Tennisfiend’s mom flew out to Philadelphia for a week of fun with an old girlfriend. The following week, she’ll return to Moscow. So I must keep several things just as she left them for good luck (my own neurotic superstition).

We’ll be seeing her again soon, her next scheduled visit is in early fall. While TF drove Fontessa to El Paso International, I met with my folks and their best friends who were in town for the day. The short restaurant stop didn’t induce any baby crying and I had a chance to check out some lovely wedding pictures of their daughter’s wedding ceremony. I spent the balance of the day washing sheets and rotating bed linens so I could return to my old digs. The air mattress was comfy enough, but never underestimate the joy of having a bedroom door to close. The house seemed so quiettoday, even with the baby making his usual racket.

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