Shopping Spree!

No, I didn’t run out and buy myself a sexy guy! I went shopping with Fontessa at Target to fill Tyoma’s closet with size 2T clothes (for 2 year olds!). Her help with baby clothes was much appreciated. Especailly since our financial situation is so dire. We picked out some light colored tops and shorts to scare away the mosquitoes, plus family goodies.

Later, I took photos in the back yard:

Otyetz i Sin 2

Otyetz i sin 1

Fontessa i Tyoma

It was weird, this is the most fun that I’ve had with Tanya since she’s come. Also this is the first time I took any pictures with her. A day doing something together helped break the tension between us. This is good. I wish our visit could have been more like it was today.

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