Family Outing


Family Outing at the Park 
Here we all are at Veteran’s Park. Picture courtesy of Papa Yuri and son A.K.

From the center, left: Tyoma, Tennisfiend, Bestfiend, Papa Yuri, Mama Irina, Dadfiend, Momfiend and A.K.

Anyway, here’s our little story. Since A.K’s folks were in from Moscow at the same time as TF’s mom, we were planning on having a giant multi-national jamboree at our house. Unfortunately, poor A.K. came down with his first flu in six years and was totally wiped out.

At the last minute, he suggested that we all meet at the park to protect baby from the flu and still say howdy. The party was set for 12:30, but I planned to meet my folks thirty minutes earlier to ease Tyoma into a new situation with minimal fussiness. New stuff=insane crying jag.

As fate would have it, A.K. and his folks were traveling near the park at about the same time I was. They saw my unmistakably familiar truck (it once belonged to A.K!) and pulled into the park. A.K. and I dashed out to meet each other, both wondering if we had mistaken the proper meeting time. Then my folks showed up! Despite the confusion, we sorted things out and the K family made a quick trip home to pic up camara gear and goodies.

Papa and Mama K gave Tyoma a traditional silver spoon for teething along with a teething toy. Papa Yuri explained how the spoon should be left in baby’s water to “purify” it. This quaint custom actually has some medicinal basis since silver solutions are effective and gentle anti-microbials. Anyway, no one brought any vodka or caviar, but we all enjoyed bottled water, including Tyoma who sipped it from the plastic cap. Yay!

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