Move to the Sunroom

Heh. My all-consuming passion, the project of pimping out the bedroom is complete. Then what happens? I move back in with my dear husband for three nights only to have three major problems arise:

  1. Sleeping with the baby monitor disrupts our sleep. Tennisfiend doesn’t like to be woken up by random squalls from the baby and I can’t sleep soundly while I subconsciously waiting for baby to wake to prevent TF from being disturbed.
  2. We are both so accustomed to having more sleeping space that we crowd each other. My sweet husband is an angel in his waking hours, but at night, he is the bed hog from hell.
  3. Before my pregnancy, hip problems were never recurrent. Now, my pelvis is more particular. The cramped and worn bed causes lingering aches and pains.

How do I solve this problem? I inflate our camping air mattress and place it in our sun room. With my superfluous supply of pillows, plus the lovely ones that Fontessa made me, it looks like this:


Very pretty and surprisingly comfy! I love sleeping between a big bookshelf and sunny windows. 😀


Another angle since I am so proud of my camera.

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