AC Out


Spring is upon us, and summer impends. A few unseasonable spikes of hot temperatures make afternoons prickly and nights uncomfortable. This is why we started up our swamp cooler a month ago. Nothing is more unpleasant than servicing the cooler in a sudden heat wave, especially if it’s windy.

We’ve enjoyed almost a month of fine cool air at the flick of a switch until yesterday. I turned on the AC. Whackada whackada whackada. Gnrrrrrr. Nngrrrrrr. WHUMP. Total silence. The engine died. Tennisfiend came home an hour early from work to inspect the problem.

I called repair shops only to discover that they won’t service a motor that is crimped closed. At nine p.m., TF pried the damn thing open and tried to repair it. No luck. Several phone calls today revealed that we would have to order a new motor. ONE place has a motor that will fit our ancient machine. It will be here next Thursday, one day before TF’s mom arrives. House cleaning will be very sweaty.

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