Tennisbaby Papa’s already showing baby the ropes!

I swear this is the cutest pic! ( I seem to be saying that a lot, eh?) Little Tyoma looks astonished, as if to say, what! Play a game today? With This??

He has the sweetest temperment! We have been working with him to ensure that his sleeping patterns get hard-wired into his little brain. I’ve been devouring books on sleep and nutrition for the little guy. So “sleep hygeine” is a must. E, Dad and I all have trouble with nighttime sleep, so I’m working hard to keep Tyoma on track.

We have a little ritual of reading we do before baby bedtime. The little guy loves to cuddle and read books. The final book we read is “Fuzzy Bee.”

I have the whole story memorized, so I can rock him and tell him the story. The funny thing is that once he sees the Fuzzy Bee book, he starts to cry and fuss since he knows what’s coming next!

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