>More Snow!</


A.K.'s Pad in the Snow
Yes, Virginia, it really does snow in Las Cruces! Photo compliments of AI Visions.

We woke up to about four inches of snow today, but didn’t bother to take any pics. Please content yourself with this lovely picture of our friend A.K.’s upscale digs. He dragged himself out of bed early and assembled an impressive quantity of camera gear while the rest slept in and drank hot chocolate.

At about eleven o’clock this morning, our neighbor Sioux’s mom, Peggy, dropped by. She house-sat while her daughter traveled on business for the weekend. Peg had locked her self out of the house while taking some photos of her own. Poor Peggy shivered in the cold , slushy rain or twenty minutes, turning over icy rocks, looking for the one with the key in it until she realized that her son was the one with the hidden key.

We wound up calling a locksmith, who took two hour to get here (busy day!). In the interim, I quizzed her about her life. What an interesting woman. Peg, an Australian, was a nurse in the (Korean?) war when she met her husband who was a wounded pilot. After they married, the two of them traveled just about everywhere–Sumatra, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, and Fiji. I asked if the travel was military related, but she said no. I think her husband was a commercial pilot, so that accounts for most of the travel, Peg worked at a local hospital for fifteen years as a head nurse until she retired three years ago.

Since then she has been taking horticultural classes for pleasure at the university and plans acquire the title of “Master Gardener” via coursework and special certifications. She doesn’t plan to open up a business or work, she simply enjoys gardening and I suspect that the prestige of being a “Master Gardener” tickles her pink. At last I understand why Sioux has the most velvety green lawn in sight.

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